Stylist Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Highland Heights

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I've never had someone be as rude to me yesterday as this woman named Nicole who cut my hair yesterday. To start off she kepting asking me I hadn't had my hair cut in so long and when I finally told her it's because I haven't had the money she kept talking about it and making me feel uncomfortable. Then when I told her the way I wanted it cut and instead of listening to me she asked countless questions about how I wanted it cut. I may not know the terminology or anything for cutting hair but I do know how to describe how I want it done seeing that I've been getting the same haircut for 3 years at this location. I describe it the same way every time I come in and I let anyone cut my hair who's working. She's the only one who wasn't able to understand what I was asking. I'm so frustrated at this point I just want to leave and not even speak to her anymore but she keeps saying "hey I can't read your mind you gotta tell me something". I told her how I wanted my hair cut at the beginning if she would've listened there wouldn't have been any issue. Loyal customer for 3 years and I've actually never had a bad experience in my life with a hair dresser but the way this lady treated me I will not be bringing my business back to this location ever again which is sad because I really do like getting my haircut here.

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